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The Official Newsletter has been Postponed due to lack of Members.
The 1st Issue will be out near the end of March. If we have sufficient Members.
to become a Member CLICK HERE

A Competition will be held every 2 Months!    (For  obvious Reasons)   
1st Prize:    2 Months Advertising
2nd Prize:  2 Weeks Advertising
3rd Prize:  2 Days Advertising
The Public will Vote for the Winners.
This Competition will be for Best Public Site (Only Sites made By The Public)(YOU) (+ Clubs)
Send in your Sites and you could be a Winner! (No Business Web-Sites Please) The Public Sites will not need a Link to this site on Your Site.(The Links Page has the Entries) (Entries show the Sign §)(entries owners may not know they are in it) 
First Competition - Vote for the Best Web-Site!

Last Updated - Wednesday, March 13, 2002